Become a Mediate Today Accredited Mediator

The Australian National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) commenced on 1 January 2008.  NMAS is a national industry based scheme which relies on the voluntary agreement of mediators to comply with the approval and practice standards on an ongoing basis.

NMAS is intended to establish a base level of competency and practice for all accredited mediators.


Mediate Today was amongst the first organisations to be registered to accredit mediators under the NMAS.   We can help you whether you would like to become nationally accredited for the first time, wish to renew your national accreditation or simply to gain mediation skills.

Mediate Today provides a 5 day basic mediation training program which not only meets the NMAS training requirements and provides skills assessment for national accreditation, but exceeds it.  We specialise in providing mediation training to small groups (6 to 12 participants) as well as larger groups.  We will also design trainings to meet the specific needs of the client.

In addition to the 5 day mediation training program, we also conduct a range of one, two and three day workshops and seminars in particular practice areas to help you maintain your skills, to learn new ones and to meet the needs of corporate and government clients wishing to provide members of their staff with basic mediation skills for dealing with the public and  handling conflict.


  • Mediate Today offers a range of benefits to mediators who are accredited by us:-
  • 10% discount on all Mediate Today training sessions and seminars;
  • High quality training materials and roleplays;
  • Listing on the Mediate Today website (voluntary);
  • Smart frameable Certificate of Accreditation;
  • Referral of matters where appropriate;
  • No ongoing fee for membership as an accredited mediator;
  • Competitive professional indemnity and public liability insurance rates.  For a quote on cover go to:-


The new National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) commenced with effect from 1 July 2015.  The NMAS now incorporates new Approval Standards (Part II) and Practice Standards (Part III) which replace the earlier Standards.

The Mediator Standards Board (MSB) administers the accreditation (and re-accreditation) of mediators in Australia in accordance with the NMAS.  Accreditation is for a period of two (2) years and is carried out through an RMAB such as Mediate Today for a fee set by the MSB.  That fee is currently set at $100.00 (GST inclusive), $90.00 of which is paid to MSB and $10.00 retained by the RMAB to cover administration costs.

Accredited mediators are required to be a member of an RMAB.  If you are accredited with Mediate Today, you will not be charged a membership fee in addition to the MSB accreditation fee of $100.00.

Accredited mediators have met the minimum standards of training, continuing professional development and assessment prescribed by the new NMAS (see below):

If you would like to know more about accreditation by Mediate Today please contact us at: