Conflict Resolution & Mediation Training Courses

Mediation Training

Mediate Today specialises in the design and delivery of conflict resolution and mediation training courses to meet the requirements of individual clients.

We will design a training program to meet the industry or professional requirements of your group or organisation.

If you have specific needs or considerations that need to be incorporated into a mediation or dispute resolution program that your organisation would like to offer to staff or associates, contact Mediate Today Pty Ltd to discuss your needs.


Public Sector

Tailored conflict resolution and mediation courses from 1 day to 5 days in duration have been developed for public sector and local government clients with staff working in high conflict areas involving direct contact with the public.

We have provided 5 day mediator accreditation training programs in accordance with the NMAS and shorter programs which have equipped senior staff and others employees with mediation and conflict resolution skills needed to deal with difficult situations in their workplaces.  For example,  our tailored mediator accreditation training programs for the Public Schools NSW, NSW Far West Local Health and other trainings developed by Mediate Today were designed to meet the specific needs of Managers and Executives within these organisation to deal with difficult issues in a non-adversarial and outcomes focused manner.

We will design specialised role-plays to assist  clients who wish to provide their staff with the practical skills needed in their particular working environment to manage conflict in dealing with difficult and confronting members of the public.

We also provide a range of other conflict resolution programs to assist accredited mediators in the public sector to up-skill and to achieve the continuing professional development points needed to maintain accreditation under the NMAS.

Private Sector

Mediate Today conducts 5 day mediator accreditation training programs to meet the requirements of the NMAS as well as a range of 1, 2 and 3 day training courses for Sales Managers and counter staff who regularly receive and deal with difficult conversations.  Attendees regularly comment on the importance of the course in developing practical skills in mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution providing opportunities to improve the way they currently managed their customers.

Our two-day course is very popular for organisations who wish to build on the skills base of their Executives as they apply their mediation and negotiation skills to the workplace.  Feedback on these popular programs indicates that the course is an important  development tool for managers at all levels.


Mediate Today provides client focused, good value training programs which deliver a great learning experience at a reasonable cost.

Contact us today to discuss your particular training needs with our specialist consultants.  Mediate Today will work with your organisation to identify your specific needs and to achieve your desired outcomes.

In addition to our 5 Day Mediator Accreditation Training Program we also offer a range of short courses including:-

Appreciative Inquiry  (1, 2 and 5 days)

Change Management  (1, 2 and 5 days)

Call Centre Training (½ and 1 day)

Civility in the workplace (½ and 1 day)

Coaching and mentoring (½ and 1 day)

Introduction to Conflict resolution (½ and 1 day)

Creative problem solving (½ and 1 day)

Customer Service (½ and 1 day)

Employee ‘Inboarding’ (½ and 1 day)

Employee Recognition  (½ and 1 day)

Facilitation skills (1 day)

Health and wellness at work (½ and 1 day)

Negotiation Skills (1 day)

Networking within the Company (½ and 1 day)

Team building for Managers (½ and 1 day)

Team Work and Team Building (½ and 1 day)

Work life balance (1 day).

All our programs include quality materials and what’s more … our programs are a great learning experie

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