Small Business Mediation

Small Business MediationAlternative dispute resolution can be a lifesaver for small business that cannot afford protracted legal disputes; studies indicate mediation costs are only around 25% of litigation costs.

Small Business Mediation

  •  Successful dispute resolution is often more about managing the relationship between the parties than the business issues
  •  Good business management is synonymous with good dispute management to maintain consistent productivity
  •  Benefits for small business include low cost, speedy resolution, flexibility in the process and control over outcome
Mediate Today can help

Mediate Today is a specialist dispute resolution agency with broad experience in small business mediation and dispute resolution including franchising, banking, partnerships and professional practices. The mediation process has the potential to rebuild and strengthen relationships which are critical to small business success and allow the parties to find a creative long term solution.

Our senior experienced mediators have many years of experience in small business mediation, helping people engaged in small to medium enterprises to avoid the crippling costs and delays associated with litigation and to help them negotiate an outcome that is acceptable to all parties and which therefore … will last!

Our experienced mediators understand the commercial realities of small business and will work with the parties to find practical solutions that result in outcomes to minimise downtime and costs to the organisation.