Corporate Conflict Management

Workplace Conflict ManagementThe corporate culture ‘we know best how to manage our business’ often prevents managers from using mediation to resolve commercial disputes with customers or suppliers. Corporate Conflict Management is an effective service we provide in order to facilitate dispute resolution at the corporate level.

Corporate Conflict Management

  •  Poor interpersonal relationships are often the cause of business dispute – successful resolution will be achieved by addressing those issues;
  •  Successful dispute resolution will benefit from early intervention by a neutral mediator to facilitate a mutually acceptable commercial outcome;
  •  The reality is for cost effective and timely dispute resolution – mediation makes good business sense.

Mediate Today can help

The core business of Mediate Today is the establishment and management of tailored dispute resolution schemes in an environment that is cost effective, quick and user friendly. In particular, we have implemented programs to enhance the prospects of successful dispute resolution across a wide range of industries including, building and construction, petroleum, local government, franchising and insurance industries.

We have more than two decades of experience in corporate dispute resolution and can add value to your organisation by helping you to maintain a harmonious and productive workplace.

This can best be achieved by recognising conflict when it arises and moving promptly to address the underlying issues.  Mediation can often assist disputing parties to move forward and to improve and preserve relationships at all levels of an organisation.