Our final 5 day Mediator Accreditation Training Program for 2015 involved the training of 16 Regional Directors for Public Schools NSW.  It was a delight to work with a group of professionals, highly skilled in their fields and who were fully engaged and enthusiastic about the training program.

We have just recently completed the assessments for all of those who decided to complete the additional 1.5 hour  roleplay for their National Accreditation under the NMAS.

A number of the Directors that we worked with commented that having completed the training, they felt that the experience had “…. changed the way they would deal with conflict!”

This is a comment that is often made people who we have trained.  It is enormously gratifying for us to feel that we have played a small role in helping people find better ways of dealing with conflict.

Keep an eye on this site for our next accreditation program which will be held at the end of April 2016.

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