The COVID-19 virus and its various variants have impacted greatly on the lives and activities of everyone.  It may not be over but there are at last some signs that we are emerging into a “new normal”.  It may be a little early to say what exactly the “new” normal will look like but some of the “old” normal is almost certain to change.

Through the gloom of the COVID-19 Pandemic Mediate Today continues to provide mediation and ADR services by telephone and video conferencing facilities.  We also provide code of conduct services by telephone and video conferencing to our many local government clients.

Our focus remains on providing high quality, skilled mediation and dispute resolution services in a user friendly environment to all of our clients and to make these services available to the many people and organisations that are having to deal with conflict in these difficult times.

As we emerge from COVID, Mediate Today and our mediators are looking forward to delivering our usual high level of service to our clients  in the new environment that we are entering.

Contact Mediate Today on 1300 760 225 or at  if you need help dealing with conflict.

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