Mediation is a tried and tested dispute resolution process.  It is a structured dispute resolution process that is designed to assist parties involved in a dispute to design an outcome that will not only work for them in the short term but also in the long term.

A court is limited in its ability to resolve issues between litigants because of their nature and because to a significant extent outcomes imposed by a court will not necessarily reflect the wishes of the parties which means that there is a significant likelihood that the parties will need to make further applications to the court.  Mediation overcomes this problem because with the advice of the lawyers acting for the parties and the guidance of the mediator, the outcome is actually designed by the parties which means a greater likelihood of a lasting outcome.

Our mediators are not only skilled mediators with advanced training in a number of areas but are also skilled in many forms of Alternate Dispute Resolution including evaluative mediation, appreciative inquiry, facilitation, conciliation, collaborative law and others.

Before you enter into litigation, consider the benefits of a mediated outcome to your dispute.

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