Being involved in a dispute can be extremely stressful because as everyone knows litigation is not only time consuming requiring hours of your valuable time to be spent with lawyers in providing instructions for the preparation of numerous court documents, affidavits and pleadings of various kinds but also extraordinarily expensive.

Not only that, but it is also necessary for much litigation to be conducted in Sydney or another large centre.

Mediate Today is now providing mediation and disputes resolution services in the Illawarra.  It is no longer necessary to travel to Sydney or Parramatta or another major centre to conduct your mediation.

Most lawyers recognise that advantages for their clients in encouraging them to mediate rather than to litigate.  Avoid the stress, delays and costs associated with litigation and conduct your mediation locally.

Our mediators are Nationally Accredited highly skilled and experienced mediators and dispute resolution practitioners with in excess of 35 years experience in assisting parties to resolve disputes in numerous areas including business and commercial disputes, family law conflicts, Wills and Probate disputes and various types of property disputes.  Our mediators are not only skilled in various aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) but are also senior  lawyers holding unrestricted practising certificates.

This means that we are able to bring a unique skill set to the table to assist parties to resolve those issues that are very important to them and which are causing them to have sleepless nights.

Mediation allows the parties to retain control of the issues in dispute and with the assistance of the mediator, to design an outcome that will work for them now and into the future.

We can help you resolve your dispute and to remain in the area while you do that.  Call 1300 760 225 OR email



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