Is it time to renew your National Accreditation?

As you know, the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) requires mediators wanting to be re-accredited to become a member of a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB).  At Mediate Today, we recognise that the cost of mediation practice just keeps going up and that having to pay a membership fee to an RMAB in addition to the accreditation fee of $100.00 that is payable to the Mediator Standards Board just adds to that expense.

However, here is some good news:- All you will pay to renew your National Accreditation with Mediate Today is the Mediator Standards Board’s fee of $100.00.  That’s right!  If you meet the requirements of the NMAS to be re-accredited all you will pay is $100.00.

Why pay more than you need to?  Mediate Today will not charge you a membership fee!  So contact Mediate Today now to renew your National Accreditation.


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